Tales from Securitania

Amazing account on Andrew Brown’s Blog of his recent experience in London.

OK, so I looked a bit rough. I haven’t cut my hair in six weeks and I was wearing black jeans, a lumberjack shirt, a North Face jacket, and a rucksack for my laptop. When I came out of the tube at Liverpool Street, I noticed two cops in the main exit from the tube, but I took, as I usually do, the side exit past the shops, where there were two more cops, one black, and one white. I just had time to think this was to reassure us when the black one stopped me. Would I mind being searched under section 44 of the Prevention of Terrorism Act?

It’s worth reading the entire post. It provides a deeply depressing insight into the cluelessness of New Labour’s national security state.

En passant… It also explains why I have stopped bringing my black laptop rucksack to London…