Spam names

Spam names

The incomparable Karlin Lillington has been saving some of the funnier or more amusing names in the ‘From:’ field of spam messages. Here’s her list:

Amparo K. Kilgore
Trinidad Early
Kendall Boudreaux
Kermit Tran
Constructs G. Heads (really, I swear)
Amos Bullock
Lynn L. Reenacted
Vilma Lockwood
Outage T. Prowling
Lakisha Tobin
Sterling McMullan
Judson Kilgore (clearly related to Amparo, above)
Wooding H. Pagodas
Milford N. Minor (potential presidential candidate?)
Wolan Pagan

and finally, her two favourites:

Conjurers H. Seraph
China J. Bedraggling

I particularly like Outage T. Prowling. Might use him in a novel I’m planning. I used to have a character called Mountstuart Elphinstone until I discovered that that was the name of a famous Victorian colonial administrator. Then I switched to Hiram B. Schnickelheimer III. China J. Bedraggling isn’t bad, either.