So should it be called Apple Phone Inc?

Once upon a time, Apple was called Apple Computer Inc. This was partly because the Beatles had a lock on ‘Apple’, but it was also an honest description of the company.

But now? Well, the company still makes computers. (Some very nice ones too.) But consider this:

In the period that ended Dec. 27, Apple sold $51.2 billion worth of iPhones. Those sales comprised nearly 69 percent of the company’s total sales for the quarter — a record portion by a long shot. Indeed, Apple was so successful at selling iPhones during its first fiscal quarter that if it had sold nothing else — no iPads, no Macs, nothing — its total sales would still have been the third highest it had ever recorded.

The commentariat is busy opining that there are dangers in being a one-trick pony — which if course there are. Still, it’s one hell of a pony.