Smoking ban claims first scalp

Smoking ban claims first scalp

That of the Opposition Spokesman on Health, if you please. Many reports of this symbolic victim, for example here.

“John Deasy, who was supposed to lead the Fine Gael party’s official support for the ban, was punished after smoking at least three cigarettes Tuesday night in the bar beside the debating chamber.

Fellow lawmakers said Deasy had tried to open a locked emergency door into an outdoor courtyard. When the bar staff wouldn’t let him out, he began smoking indoors in violation of the ban.

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny said he had no choice but to dismiss Deasy from his justice post in the shadow cabinet.

“Politicians must lead by example. No man, no woman, and no politician is above the law,” Kenny said.

Kenny said Deasy may also face prosecution. The ban specifies a maximum $3,700 fine for anyone who smokes in an enclosed workplace.”