Smoke Havanas, go to gaol.

Smoke Havanas, go to gaol.

This is what Ben Hammersley says:

“A new US Treasury ruling states that US citizens cannot consume Cuban goods anywhere in the world. Full stop. Travel abroad and smoke them there, and you’ll still go to prison. Voice of America news has the story:

The notice also clarifies that Americans are barred from not only purchasing Cuban goods in foreign countries, but also from consuming them in those countries.

The penalties for violating the prohibitions include maximum criminal fines for individuals of $250,000 and imprisonment for up to 10 years. Corporations can be fined as much as a million dollars.

You can read the official document, only as a PDF here, linked to also from here.”

Well, well, it’s tough being an American. But for Irishmen, well… where did I put those matches?

En passant, isn’t it interesting to note that the place where Americans are allowed to abuse human rights is, er, Cuba. Still, it’s a consolation to know that the guards at Guantanamo are forbidden to smoke Montecristos.