Sharp practice at the FT? Or just sub-editorial licence?


Now, what does this column heading in the FT Magazine suggest? That the paper’s star American editor was on holiday with the Prez.

The impression is corroborated by the puff on the front of the paper.


Now, here’s what the piece actually says:

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend with friends on Martha’s Vineyard. This verdant island off the coast of Massachusetts has long been a playground for the well-heeled, (mostly) liberal crowd, epitomised by the Kennedys and Clintons…

The ‘friends’, however, were not the Obamas. And the article is mostly a complaint about how inconvenient the presence of the President and his entourage makes life in the Vineyard for the mostly well-heeled liberal crowd.

One expects this kind of misleading puffery from the Daily Mail. But from the august FT???