SCO gets loonier by the minute

SCO gets loonier by the minute

As it thrashes around to find a way of extracting money from IBM and other Linux providers, SCO has now taken to attacking Linus Torvalds. SCO’s amended suit against I.B.M., filed on Bloomsday, contends that Linus appears to have a casual attitude toward intellectual property rights.

NYT story reads, in part: “SCO, based in Lindon, Utah, sued I.B.M. in March, contending that the computer company improperly copied Unix code into Linux.

SCO bought the source code and license rights to Unix in 1995. I.B.M. denies the allegations and counters that SCO is vastly overstating its contract rights.

‘As I.B.M. executives know,’ the filing states, “a significant flaw of Linux is the inability and/or unwillingness of the Linux process manager, Linus Torvalds, to identify the intellectual property origins of contributed source code that comes in from those many different software developers.'”

Wow! How to lose friends and influence. This case is clearly run by ambulance-chasing lawyers. It’s a bit like opening a suit in an ecclesiastical court by suggesting that the Pope beats his wife.