Rachel Cooke: save our public libraries

Feisty piece by Rachel Cooke

Make no mistake, this is a crucial time. If those of us who love books, and libraries, and believe they are a vital, beautiful and cherishable part of our cultural and social heritage, take our eye off the ball now, we will regret it. We must make a fuss, and we must name and shame those who are set on destruction. “We need to say that these cuts are entirely wrong,” says Shirley Burnham, who is leading the campaign to save the Old Town Library in Swindon. “I compare it to sub-prime mortgages: if someone had said something forcefully, at the time, we would not be in the mess we are in now. People need to realise that once something is gone, you never get it back. Libraries are like train stations in that respect.”

Thanks to Lorcan Dempsey for the link.