Quote of the day

The Carrowteigue area is notorious for its scenic landscapes.

From the online brochure of a Co. Mayo estate agent.

Update: I’ve had a lovely email from a fastidious reader who points out that ‘notorious’ has several meanings. For example, the Shorter Oxford lists these three:

  • Well known, commonly or generally known, forming a matter of common knowledge, esp. on account of some bad practice, quality etc., or some other thing not generally approved of or admired;
  • Such as is or may be generally, openly or publicly known. (Now rare.);
  • Conspicious, obvious, evident.

    I of course assumed the first, which is why I hooted with laughter upon reading the estate agent’s blurb. But it is perfectly possible, I concede, that in the recesses of Co. Mayo (where I was born), there dwells an estate agent with a more extensive grasp of the English language than mine and an even more antiquated style!

    What a thing it is to have erudite readers. I expect I will now become notorious among them for my ignorance. Sigh.