Peter Cochrane on spam

Peter Cochrane on spam
From a recent column.

“Averaging a spread of recently published surveys, it seems that:

– 40 per cent of us receive more than 100 spam emails a week

– 20 per cent really object to spam

– 80 per cent with children worry even more about spam

– 40 per cent worry about pornography

– 50 per cent are really irritated about wasting time deleting spam

– 50 per cent don?t use spam filters

– The Nigerian banking scam is now the second largest industry in that country

If spam continues to grow at its present rate it will totally dominate by 2004 and stands a good chance of bringing down the entire internet through overload.

I think it is up to individuals, companies, ISPs and network providers to join forces to spam the spammers.

This column was dictated after deleting 13 unsolicited emails. The tape was then handed to my secretary and typed up on her Apple G4 laptop. It appeared on my screen four hours later via a cable modem link. I revised it over breakfast on the Ipswich to London train and despatched it to from Liverpool Street Station using my 2.5G mobile.