Paranoia, Apple style

From Good Morning Silicon Valley

Palo Alto High School senior and devout Apple fan Daniel Fukuba and some friends were killing time at the company’s local retail shrine last weekend, and Fukuba, wanting to show off the iPhone’s abilities, downloaded a third-party car racing game called “Raging Thunder” onto one of the display units. He was approached questioningly first by an employee and then by the manager, but there was no fuss until the group left the store and was halfway down the block. According to Fukuba, the manager chased them down, herded them back to the store, detained them while he called police, kept them there for 2½ hours, gave them a lecture on the evils of hacking, took their pictures and said they would be distributed to all Apple stores, then cut them loose. To a shaken Fukuba and friends, this sounded like a lifetime banishment from the hallowed aisles, a prospect that left him distraught. “I’ll have to get a friend to buy stuff for me, like a drug deal,” he worried. But Apple says no, no, there’s no banishment — the kids just needed to have the fear of Jobs thrown into them.