One-born-every-minute Department (contd.)

From The Inquirer

AT LEAST 23 PEOPLE fell for a scam from a bloke who claimed to be flogging an Apple iPhone on eBay.

One person was prepared to stump up $1,125 to own an iPhone before it reaches the shops, or indeed the manufacturers.

Apple has said that it will not be releasing the phone until sometime in June, but that did not stop eBay seller rgonzales23455 telling marks that he had six of them.

Computerworld emailed Rgonzales23455 and asked him how he got his paws on six of the machines before they had been released. He didn’t reply and neither did Apple.

eBay, however, said that it pulled the listings and was warning that any such listings claiming to be selling the Apple iPhone are in violation of eBay’s pre-sale policy.