Narrate Your Work

For as long as I’ve been blogging, Dave Winer has been one of the most interesting people around. (It was his UserLand software that I used when I decided that my blog should go public.) He’s thoughtful, perceptive, opinionated and very bright. This post about what he calls ‘narrating your work’ is a typical example. Excerpt:

I wouldn’t waste your time with all this theory unless I could show you how all this fits in with Rebooted News and the News System of the Future. Here’s a recital of what happened.

1. As you may know, at roughly noon Eastern time yesterday a plane crashed into a helicopter over the Hudson River in NY, killing all nine people aboard both.

2. I was away from my computer when it happened, didn’t check in until about an hour later, and on Twitter there was a mess of conflicting stories, and lots of individuals “breaking” the news even though it happened over an hour ago.

3. I clicked on the page of NYT editorial people on Twitter that I keep and I saw something very different, and this is the point of this story. I saw a news organization at work. Careful to say what they do and don’t know. Informing each other on experience with similar stories in the past. Whether they were all reading all of the others’ posts, I don’t know. They were reading and passing on reports from other Twitter users, even those that didn’t work at the Times. They were coordinating the work of a larger community than just people who work at the Times.

4. I took a snapshot of the page at that time so we could all look at this.

Now why do I think this is so important? Because it’s a big part of the future Rebooted News system, imho. Today’s reporters don’t think the public wants to see inside their process, but they are wrong about that…

Worth reading in full.