MIT launches free online courses — and gives credentials

This from BBC News:

MIT, along with many other leading universities, makes its course material available online, but the MITx scheme takes this a step further by creating an accredited course specifically for online students.

Study materials and the awarding of grades are all provided online.

Before Christmas, the Boston-based university announced its intention to create MITx.

On Monday it set out how this will be put into practice, with the creation of the course 6.002x: Circuits and Electronics, based on the campus-based course of the same name.

This is not a “watered down” version of the campus course or “any less intense”, says a university spokesman.

The main difference is that the MITx version has been designed for online students, with a virtual laboratory, e-textbooks, online discussions and videos that are the equivalent of a lecture. It is expected to take 10 hours per week and will run until June.

Er, great news and all that. But regular readers will have seen it somewhere before.