Microsoft admits ‘critical’ flaw. Well, well…

Microsoft admits ‘critical’ flaw. Well, well…

According to BBC Online, “Microsoft has warned that a “critical” flaw in the latest versions of its Windows operating system could allow hackers to access a person’s computer.

In its monthly security bulletin, the world’s largest software maker said Windows versions NT, 2000, XP and Server 2003 were affected.

Giving the problem its highest security rating of “critical”, Microsoft has called on users to download a software repairing patch free from its website.

This is said to cure the problem.” Ho, ho!

Now guess what? My colleague Dave Phillips tells me that this particular ‘critical’ vulnerability was first reported on July 25, 2003. So hapless Microsoft customers who rely on their software supplier to keep them up to date on vulnerabilities in its products went unaware and unprotected for six months. Imagine the fuss there would be if Ford knew of a critical flaw in the Focus and took six months to issue a recall notice.

On the same day…, I find a headline saying “Microsoft to protect Disney films”. The report goes on:”Movies like Monsters Inc could soon be downloadable. Disney has joined forces with Microsoft to start selling its movies over the net later this year.

The venerable animation studio has signed up to use Microsoft software to stop its films being pirated.

The deal reflects Microsoft desire to establish a foothold in the home entertainment market….”

No wonder satirists are having such a lean time. You couldn’t make this stuff up. Since I loathe Disney, I am of course delighted. Couldn’t happen to a nastier crowd.