Look on the bright side: no nuclear war as of the time of writing

From Dave Pell:

The peaceful transfer of power that is an American hallmark took place at noon on Friday as Donald Trump became the forty-fifth President of the United States. Though I’ve been a prolific critic of Trump, I’ve never been one to join the “not my president” chant, and I was planning to lead with a hopeful message on a solemn day. But Forty-Five opened his tenure with a divisive campaign speech masquerading as an inaugural address. It was pointedly offensive to the former presidents behind him, presented a warped and hopeless version of American carnage, and delivered a harsh, off-putting and grim message to our allies abroad. Donald Trump has surprised us at every turn during this political process. And he surprised even his harshest critics today, on the downside. (On the plus side, it’s been about an hour and there’s been no nuclear war. So those who bet the over won.)