Jobs descends from clouds, launches UK iPhone, departs

No surprises here, then.

Apple has announced that its long-awaited iPhone will go on sale to British customers on November 9.

The handset, which will be available exclusively to O2 customers, will cost £269 – more than the $399 (£200) that it costs in the US.

The iPhone will sell for £269.

Users will have to sign an 18-month contract priced at either £35, £45, or £55 depending on the call package.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, appeared in person at the company’s flagship Regent Street store in London for the announcement.

Still no 3G, I see. I’ve used one, courtesy of my friend Hap. It’s neat and hooked up easily to my home WiFi. But in the open it’s still a 2.5G phone.