Job opportunists

Bob Cringely (whom God preserve) wants to apply for the US CTO job.

President-Elect Barack Obama has announced that when he’s in office he’ll appoint a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the whole darned USA. Though Google CEO Eric Schmidt already said he isn’t interested in the job, I am.

I accept, Mr. President.

And while the idea of Cringely for CTO may seem lame to most everybody I know (including my Mom), I think I can make a strong case for why I am EXACTLY the right guy for the job.

For one thing, unlike Eric Schmidt I don’t have a lot of money. Schmidt can’t afford to take the job because Google stock is down and he’d lose a fortune. Not so for me. I come encumbered only with debts, which is to say I am a true American. I’d be perfectly willing to put those debts in a blind trust ASAP.

All that remains now is to appoint P.J. O’Rourke as Secretary of State and Chris Hitchens as the president’s spiritual advisor.

Cringely’s piece is a hoot, btw. Cheered me up on a Monday morning.