Irish government in top ten for online services

Irish government in top ten for online services
Irish Times story.

“Ireland’s online government services are ranked among the top ten in the world according to new study published today.

The report carried out by technology consultant group, Accenture, surveyed eGovernment activity in 23 countries and analysed over 160 national government services.

Governments are graded on how successful they have been in moving their services online.

Canada was found to have outperformed all others in eGovernment innovation and penetration with Singapore in second and the US in third. Ireland improved its ranking this year, moving up from 13th to 10th place, with an overall Internet penetration rate of 31 per cent.

The study found that of 120 services for which the Irish Government is responsible, 107 are available online to some degree, giving a Service Maturity Breadth rating of 89.2 per cent. This is marginally above the global average of 85.8 per cent. “

I love that phrase “Service Maturity Breadth”. I bet my countrymen talk of nothing else when they gather in pubs and clubs to discuss online business.