iPhone SIM unlock software put on ice

Hmmm… Engadget reports that:

UniquePhones (the team behind iPhoneUnlocking.com, who’ve claimed to have the second proper iPhone SIM unlock software hack) got a threatening call from AT&T’s legal team urging them to not release their software — or else. Now, we can understand why any smallish business wouldn’t exactly want lawyers repping AT&T (and Apple) breathing down their necks for a potentially market-shifting discovery — which is why the company is now officially holding the release of their SIM unlock solution indefinitely while they assess their legal position. Fair enough, but we still haven’t even had a chance to verify their solution does unlock iPhones.

However, the interesting (and possibly telling) bit comes up at the end of their release, where apparently UniquePhones is “evaluating what to eventually do with the software should they be legally denied the right to sell it.”

I mean, it’d be such a shame if it found its way onto the Net, now wouldn’t it…