Instant Messaging systems inch towards interoperability…

Instant Messaging systems inch towards interoperability…

Interesting news:

“After years of mudslinging, Microsoft, America Online and Yahoo on Thursday made a surprising overture toward peace in the instant-messaging wars.

The companies announced that later this year Microsoft’s Live Communications Server (LCS), which offers instant messaging for corporate users, will connect with AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and its own MSN Messenger.

However, the three public IM clients will still not connect with one another for public users. Instead, it means corporations that use LCS will allow employees to chat with the Big Three public IM services as well.”

Hmmm… Two things missing from this report. First, this cosying-up represents not so much an outbreak of common sense among bitter rivals as a pre-emptive move against Reuters’s plans to create an interoperable IM system for financial services professionals. And second, the deadly implications of this for malware dissemination. Viruses spread by IM make email infection rates look like slow motion. One of the anti-virus companies (can’t remember which just now) has done a simulation model of malware propagation via IM. It’s a scary prospect.