Ignorance on stilts

A long piece in The New York Review of Books about the emerging news ecology begins with this idiotic assertion:

The two bloggers most commonly recognized as the medium’s pioneers, Mickey Kaus and Andrew Sullivan, are, remarkably, still at it. Kaus, who started the blog kausfiles in 1999, is now at Slate, and Sullivan, who began The Daily Dish in 2000, now posts at The Atlantic. Both still use the style they helped popularize—short, sharp, conversational bursts of commentary and opinion built around links to articles, columns, documents, and other blogs.

Doesn’t exactly improve one’s confidence in the quality of the subsequent analysis, does it? Kaus and Sullivan are indeed entertaining and prominent bloggers, but they are not recognised as ‘pioneers’ by anybody outside of clueless mainstream media. The truth is that it was only when Sullivan — a prominent old-media commentator — morphed into a blogger that the world noticed the existence of the new medium.


Thanks to Magnus Ramage for the link.