Hugh Grant’s Ten Myths of tabloid journalism

Nicely expanded on in this New Statesman piece.

In summary, they are:

Myth 1: That it is only celebrities and politicians who suffer at the hands of popular papers.

Myth 2: That egregious abuses of privacy happened only at the News of the World.

Myth 3: That in attempting to deal with the abuses of some sections of the press you risk throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Myth 4: That any attempt to regulate the press means we are heading for Zimbabwe.

Myth 5: That current privacy law under the Human Rights Act muzzles the press.

Myth 6: That judges always find against the press.

Myth 7: Privacy can only ever be a rich man’s toy.

Myth 8: That most sex exposes carry a public interest defence.

Myth 9: That people like me want to be in the papers, and need them, and therefore our objections to privacy intrusions are hypocritical.

Myth 10: That the tabloid press hacks are just loveable rogues.