Hollywood discovers YouTube

Hilarious piece in the New York Times…

“MySpace: The Movie” first appeared on YouTube on Jan. 31 and since then has had millions of hits, enough viewers to rival big-budget films or TV shows. Mr. Lehre, who is 21 and lived at his parents’ home in Washington, Mich., when he created the video, shot it there with friends. He scored the music himself so he wouldn’t have to deal with copyright issues, designed the graphics and Googled any technical questions he had. This development and distribution process makes even independent films, with their retinue of maxed-out credit cards and frenzied film festivals, look positively mainstream in comparison….

The movie can be found here. It’s vaguely amusing IMHO, but cleverly made. Rather like an art-school project. When I looked it had been viewed 526,878 times.

Wonder what YouTube’s bandwidth costs are.