Hitler: the remix

Speaking of bunkers, one of the most memorable acting performances I’ve ever seen is Bruno Ganz’s bravura rendition of Hitler in the film Downfall. One of the high points in the movie is when his generals finally reveal to their Fuhrer the military hopelessness of Germany’s position. So it’s a hoot to see how many times this scene is remixed using cod sub-titles to evoke contemporary events.

Here, for instance, is Hitler reacting to the news that upgrading to Windows Vista has screwed his PC. And now there’s a remix in which Hitler plays Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) reacting in fury to the news that the Irish have rejected the Lisbon Treaty. Here’s an excerpt from the Fuhrer’s harangue:

I’ve delivered one of the leading economies in Europe. On MY own! And this is the gratitude I get. And those useless pricks in Labour and Fine Gael… That stupid Fuckwit Kenny [Enda Kenny, Leader of Fine Gael, the main Opposition party] couldn’t even win his own constituency! Couldn’t even keep the No margin in the single digits. And those blubbering bastards over in Labour couldn’t even make a dent in the working-class vote, or bring over the unions. All they contributed was trendy, do-gooder Irish Times readers who think their shit smells better than everyone else’s. So much for the coalition system!

The nice thing was that I read about the remix in the aforementioned Irish Times!

(Which, btw, is abandoning its subscription model from next Monday. Get it at www.irishtimes.com. Thanks to Anne M for the news.)