Here’s a funny thing…

GMSV reports that

Asked to testify Sept. 28 before the investigative subcommittee of House Energy and Commerce are Board Chairwoman Patricia Dunn; HP legal counsel Ann Baskins; Larry Sonsini, a prominent Silicon Valley lawyer who is HP’s external lawyer, and Ronald R. DeLia, a Needham, Mass., private investigator and operator of Security Outsourcing Solutions….

Note the name Sonsini. Larry W. Sonsini is a senior member of the prominent Silicon Valley legal firm of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. But, curiously, the firm’s Web site makes no mention of their Chairman’s exciting forthcoming appearance before Congress.

Later… I’ve just come on Dan Gillmor’s view:

If I was running either the Chronicle or the Merc, I would be assigning my best investigative folks to look deeply into Sonsini and his law firm. The story has been done, but never in the depth I suspect it deserves….

Dan has covered the Valley for years and is one of its shrewdest observers.

More on Sonsini here.