Google annoyances

I’ve just been updating software on my machine and saw that Google was inviting me to ‘upgrade’ my Google Calendar. So I foolishly clicked to accept the upgrade. Then logged into my calendar to find that the screen is littered with corny jpegs of a birthday cake which indicate, apparently, the birthdays of my ‘friends’. Pissed of by this, I then went looking for a way of turning off this absurd and unwanted ‘feature’. But it turns out that if they are ‘friends’ from Google+ (another turkey btw) then there’s no option to unsubscribe from this toxic calendar feed.

It’s almost enough to force me to use the Apple iCal app.

There must be a way of getting round this idiotic ‘feature’. But I don’t have time to do the necessary research because I’m trying to write. Maybe I should bill Google for the ‘research time’ needed to restore what is a useful product/service to its original condition.