Go on. Be an idiot.

A lot of general promotional advertising is daft, but the campaign run by Accenture, the big consulting firm, is completely bonkers. It features Tiger Woods, who may be a great golfer (though now past his best) but is not widely known for consulting services.

I’m looking at two pages in last week’s Financial Times Magazine. The first shows him hacking his way out of what appears to be ferocious rough. The slogan reads “Never be intimidated. Go on. Be a tiger”. The back page of the mag shows Tiger bending down to consider a putt. Slogan reads: “Waiting for local conditions is rarely an option. Go on. Be a tiger”. What, pray, has this to do with anything? And who gets paid to produce this garbage?

Interesting fact #2354: Accenture (in itself a daft name, produced by corporate brainstorming) emerged from the wreckage of an earlier international firm, Andersen Consulting.

Interesting fact #2355: the current CEO of Accenture is one Joe W. Forehand. Maybe he will drop Tiger in favour of a leading tennis player. At least they could then talk about ‘forehand drive’.