Get your Mac clone now and beat the big cease-and-desist rush

John Murrell, writing in Good Morning Silicon Valley

An outfit called Psystar finds itself in the spotlight today after advertising what it claims is a Leopard compatible Mac built from standard PC-parts for $399, but it probably feels less like a stage star than an escaping convict in the prison yard. See, the license for the Mac operating system bans its installation on non-Apple hardware. Apple, as we know, does not take kindly to trespassers on its turf, and in instances like this, here’s what I like to think happens: A loud bell goes off in the sleeping quarters of Apple Legal, and a squad of attorneys, already dressed in their three-piece suits, jump out of their cots, slip on their tassel loafers, slide down a pole, pile into a fleet of Priuses and roar off (or hum off, I guess) to the scene of the conflagration. So if you have your heart set on an ugly box that might work sort of like an Apple, at least until you try to update it, jump now.