Fruitcakes of the world, unite!

The Economist has received some hilarious objections to its endorsement of Barack Obama. This is the wackiest (from some guy in Missouri).

SIR –America’s election laws prohibit foreigners from contributing to the campaigns of elected officials. By publishing your endorsement before the election, you attempted to influence the electorate in a way that has far more impact than contributing money. You have, in effect, violated the spirit and intent of American law. Your European welfare-state mentality inevitably biased your conclusions. Americans are a centre-right people, whereas Britain is at best left-centre (word order is paramount here).

The nicest letter came from someone in Italy:

SIR – I would like to congratulate Mr Obama on his brilliant victory. In his official capacity as president of the United States he will probably have to meet our prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi. I apologise in advance.