Fake identities to be available without prescription

Now, let’s get this right. the purpose of the government’s ID card scheme is to make identity theft more difficult. So here’s how it will work, according to this Guardian report.

High street chemists, post offices and photo shops are to be used to record the electronic fingerprints and other biometric data needed for the national identity card scheme, the home secretary, Jacqui Smith, is to announce today.

The decision to use high street shops sidesteps the need for the Home Office to set up a network of enrolment centres with mobile units to operate in rural areas.

The move comes as the latest Home Office report to parliament on the costs of the scheme show they have risen by a further £221m to a total of £5.3bn over the next 10 years. That figure excludes the costs to other government departments and agencies of scanners and other equipment for verifying the identity of those trying to access public services…

So, who will vet Boots employees? Luckily, this nonsense is unlikely to survive New Labour’s forthcoming election defeat.