Facebook closes in on MySpace

Interesting. Daily Telegraph reports that

Facebook is closing in on rival social networking website MySpace, after almost doubling its US traffic over the past year.

The group has enjoyed an 89pc rise in visitors, recording 26.6m visitors in May alone, according to internet information provider comScore.

The flood of new traffic follows Facebook’s decision in September to open up registration to the general public, a change from its previous policy requiring a valid email address from a university or selected group of secondary schools and businesses.

Its traffic had hovered at around 14m users a month until September. Since then it has recorded monthly leaps of up to 4m new users.

The website has seen dramatic growth among 25 to 34-year-old users, up 181pc year-on-year.

It also saw a rise of 149pc in the teenage bracket.

MySpace attracts around 69m users each month, but grew at less than half the rate of Facebook last year, recording a 34pc climb in unique visitors.

In a recent poll, 73pc of readers told The Daily Telegraph they had switched from MySpace to Facebook.

Somehow, I can’t see readers of the Telegraph being comfortable on MySpace.