Economic indicators and the 2012 Olympics

Strange goings-on with Olympics tickets.

Probably the most complicated system for buying tickets ever thought up by man is in a new phase. The London Organising Committee (LOCOG) has run the initial ballot and assigned the first round of tickets. They've now taken money out of the accounts of those who were successful in the ballot and had a functioning visa account.

There could however be another chance for people who were unsuccessful as there are thousands of transactions that LOCOG have been unable to process because people's accounts have not had the money in or because the bank details have been incorrect for example. There are numerous reasons why a transaction could fail but if they try three times and it still fails, then the next person on the ballot waiting list gets the tickets.

I wonder if there might be another explanation. Could this be a reflection of a downturn in people’s economics circs? Maybe they’ve been forced to tear up their credit cards? Or have simple maxed out? Hmmm….

Doesn’t affect me. I propose to leave the country while the games are in progress.