DIY Sabotage Manual — CIA version

Intriguing Flickr slideshow of a sabotage manual allegedly produced by the CIA in the 1980s for anyone interested in destabilising the Nicaraguan government. Helpful advice such as:

1. Fill a narrow-necked bottle with petrol, kerosene or other burnable liquid. If possible, add shredded soap or sawdust…

It’s a bit dated, of course, but still….

Other suggestions include:

  • Threaten the boss. Phone in false fire alarms and bomb threats!
  • Leave lights on and taps running.
  • Don’t maintain vehicles and machines.
  • Obstruct roads with trees, rocks or ditches!
  • Disable car batteries.
  • Cut the cables of telephones and alarm systems!
  • Make BIG explosions!

    This last suggestion is clearly popular with disaffected Iraqis.

    Er, it has to be a spoof — doesn’t it? After all the US government is committed to upholding the rule of law and spreading democracy everywhere.