Digital Sharecropping Exhibition

Here’s a conference that deserves to bomb.

User-generated content is a rapidly developing revolution in media. ‘Average Joe’ internet users now wield power over online content, and new business models are emerging in response to this shift. UGCX is the first conference and expo organized to bring together content-trendsetters and business leaders in various fields to examine how these worlds collide and what the future holds. This new event will unlock the knowledge businesses and non-profits need to respond to this shift.

UGCX is part trade show, and part educational conference program. Conference program sessions will be loaded with successful case studies and business models in four tracks: social content, photography, video & gaming, and music. Our trade show floor will feature all the relevant vendors you need to connect with to gain new resources and tools to stay ahead of the social media curve.

Because face-to-face interaction will never be beat as a means of relationship building, we are stocking our 2-day event full of networking opportunities, so you can be sure to leave with lasting connections to help you create, use, and profit from user-generated content.

Needless to say — as Dave Winer pointed out — there’s not a single ‘user’ visible anywhere in the scores of companies the organisers claim are planning to attend.

How about a competition to think of the best slogan for this nauseating event? ‘Milk The Suckers’ is my entry. But ‘One Born Every Minute’ is also a possibility.