Digg.com: in a hole?

Digg.com has had a lot of adulatory coverage in the last few months, with people hailing it as the New Slashdot. Only it was supposed to be better because Slashdot has a group of editors who wield arbitrary power — in that they decide what gets featured and what doesn’t. Digg.com, in contrast, supposedly operated on a totally impartial principle — the position of an individual posting was determined solely by the votes (diggs) of readers.

So far, so interesting. But then an observant chap at ForeverGeek noticed some funny business which suggested that Digg’s editors were apparently moving postings up the list. He posted news of this discovery on his Blog, only to discover shortly afterwards that the blog was now barred from Digg.com.

Curiouser and curiouser. Here’s his account of the whole murky business.

As usual, power corrupts.