Bush’s last days

Many people have been forced into having their own verbal and intellectual lenses for explaining the behaviors of George Bush.

He can’t just be insane, so — what is it? What explains his behavior?

Today, as Congress fished around for money to save the U.S. auto companies, in a pickle because they had not invested earlier in alternative – energy projects, George Bush gave a speech, suggesting that Congress take the money from alternative energy projects to prop up the dying carmakers.

Is he really an idiot?

Some day, in the not so distant future, several things may happen:

1. As laid out in Harper’s this month, the President, the Real President (Cheney) et. al may face domestic or international criminal charges for war crimes.

2. Not that George can not pardon himself or others for international crimes, as in the Nurnburg Trial. Even if he escapes domestic prosecution, he may end up like Pinochet, hounded worldwide by courts elsewhere, kidnapped, dragged around, arrested and jailed elsehwhere, etc.

3. The simplest way to understand the entire Cheney/Bush regime is to assume that family ties to the Saudis were more important than catching bin Laden, that oil in general was more important than anything Bush swore to uphold on that Bible during his inauguration, and that Bush et. al (the heading on future lawsuits, ad infinitum) were embarked on an intentional, planned, consistent program of looting taxpayer monies for their personal and private benefit.

It is impossible to forget: We still have a month and more to go. There are plenty of miscreants on a master scale who would like to have a parting shot at screwing everything up for normal people in return for private gain, at the cost of a single large check to the Bush Library (Bush doesn’t read books; what a joke).

Bend over, and Get ready. George never cared for us then, and he still doesn’t today. He serves only his family, and a few close “friends.”

Source: Mark Anderson.