BT bundles MS Office with Linux laptop that won’t run it

Sometimes, you wonder what these folks are on. This from The Register

This week’s award for the Most Astutely Selected Software Bundle goes to BT after the teleco tried to hook potential purchasers of Asus’ Linux-running Eee PC 900 by offering to ship it with a copy of Microsoft Office.

BT is offering the 20GB 900 for £335.99, but if anyone out there is willing to buy it for £422.34, the telco will include a copy of Office Home and Student in the box.

This despite the fact that, just a little way further down the page, BT’s list of Eee specifications admits that the elfin laptop is not “Office ready”.

The Register calculates that buying the bundle saves each punter a whopping £1.76 on the cost of purchasing the two products separately.

Like I say, what are these guys smoking?