Blogging the Convention

Dave Winer’s there, and he’s not impressed

Here’s a quick picture of the blogger’s space at the DNC, and after working here for a few minutes I ache to get back on the road. This is a far cry of the space we had at the DNC in 2004. We were in the nosebleed seats, but we had a constant view of the whole scene, the stage, the floor, and could walk around among the other press.

This year we’re on the Administrative level, in a concrete bunker, flourescent lighting, and a view of nothing but TV screens. I’d do better in my office at home. I’m going to have to figure out a way to escape these confines or I’m getting on I-70 tomorrow morning and heading west.

According to the DNC Schedule, there are 15,000 reporters at the event. If that isn’t overkill, then I don’t know what is.