Blog forking

Code forking is something that often happens in Open Source software development. Perhaps it will also become common in blogging. At any rate, I know of several people who maintain different blogs for different purposes. For example, Ed Felten, in addition to his impressive Freedom to Tinker maintains a Links blog. And the amazing Jon Crowcroft maintains no fewer than four — and manages to have interesting stuff in each one. But then he’s a law unto himself.

(Aside: Quentin used Yahoo! Pipes to funnel the entire Crowcroft output into a single channel.)

Following some conversations with my OU colleagues Tony Hirst and Martin Weller, I’ve decided to spin off a blog where I can post stuff likely to be of interest only to edu-geeks. There will be some duplication between it and Memex, but the two will gradually diverge over time. It has the stunningly unoriginal title Thinking aloud.

Memex 1.1 will continue on its traditional eclectic (i.e. scatty) way.

Incidentally, Ed Felten uses Dashlog for his Links Blog.

For serious masochists I’ve rigged up a combined feed (via Yahoo Pipes). Find it here.