At last: some horse sense in the mainstream US media

At last: some horse sense in the mainstream US media
(thanks to Karlin Lillington for finding it.)

Tom Friedman has a direct and thoughtful column today, critical of nearly all participants in the argument over Iraq, and very pointed in its criticism of Bush and his administration. But he argues there is a need to take on Saddam. Do read the whole piece, no matter what your perspective is — or you think it should be:

I side with those who believe we need to confront Saddam ? but we have to do it right, with allies and staying power, and the Bush team has bungled that.

The Bush folks are big on attitude, weak on strategy and terrible at diplomacy. I covered the first gulf war, in 1990-91. What I remember most are the seven trips I took with Secretary of State James A. Baker III around the world to watch him build ? face-to-face ? the coalition and public support for that war, before a shot was fired. Going to someone else’s country is a sign you respect his opinion. This Bush team has done no such hands-on spade work. Its members think diplomacy is a phone call…

…It is legitimate for Europeans to oppose such a war, but not simply by sticking a thumb in our eye and their heads in the sand. It’s also legitimate for the Bush folks to focus the world on Saddam, but two years of their gratuitous bullying has made many people deaf to America’s arguments.

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