Assorted links for Monday

“The bandwidth bottleneck that is throttling the Internet”Nature article that explains why (among other things) your Skype calls are often so poor.

Brexit – a story in maps – the only thing that’s clear about the Brexit vote was the overall percentages pro and anti. Everything else is as muddy as hell — as this terrific mapping exercise shows.

Ben Evans: Is AI the next Big Thing or merely the enabler of many smaller things? Good question. Link

David Auerbach: Donald Trump: Moosbrugger for President . Terrific essay, searching for a precursor or model for Donald Trump. Finds it in Robert Musil’s The Man Without Qualities

The Carpenter and the Gardener – Alison Gopnik’s book on what academic research tells us about rearing children to adulthood (and beyond). I was alerted it by a fascinating Financial Times review which said that it “should be required reading for anyone who is, or is thinking of becoming, a parent. It might also offer comfort to any adult who feels that their life has been blighted by their own parents. (And at £20, it is cheaper than therapy.)” As a baffled parent, I’ve ordered it.