Assorted links for Monday

The Tragedy of Donald I: Act 1, Scene 1. The Trump story as told by Ellis Wiener (aka Will Shakespeare). Now is the discount of our winter tents.

If wind and solar power are quicker and cheaper, do we really ned Hinkley Point?. Thoughtful piece by Terry Macalister.

Brexit Armageddon was a terrifying vision – but it simply hasn’t happened. Strange piece by Larry Elliott, normally a pretty thoughtful economics editor, which seems to draw premature conclusions from a few weeks’ data. Still, he did vote for Brexit, so perhaps there’s an element of wish-fulfilment here?

Journalists grappling with Trump, day 2. Very insightful blog post by Dave Winer on why American journalism can’t handle Trump. For example, why no explicit discussion of his implicit encouragement of assassination as a way of overcoming political obstacles? Winer asks why journalists weren’t talking about the substance of what Trump said, as opposed to trying to discern why he said it.