Argument 2.0

Martin Weller has started something interesting:

I am starting something of an experiment today for the rest of this week.

I am going to construct an article by structuring a debate across four blogs. The article is around the future of content and starts in my next post.

The plan is:

Monday – I post a piece on where I think digital content is going, arguing that it is moving towards being free and widely distributed.

Tuesday – Ray Corrigan is going to post a piece responding to mine which looks at how digital rights may make it a more, not less, controlled future for content.

Wednesday – Patrick McAndrew will focus it on education by bringing in the perspective from open educational resources.

Thursday – Will Woods will look at some of the relevant technologies and how these might impact.

Friday – we’ll draw some conclusions.

It’s an intriguing idea. The only problem is the timescale. Martin’s opening contribution covers a lot of ground and begs many questions. If Ray can respond effectively in 24 hours, then he’s a quicker thinker than I am.