Apple apes Microsoft-type cluelessness

Apple software is generally pretty well designed, so it comes a shock to find the company making the kind of dumb mistake that is normally a Microsoft speciality. The new version of Mac OS X (codenamed ‘Tiger’) comes with a facility called ‘Dashboard’ which runs ridiculous little applets called Widgets. These are basically small programs masquerading as web pages. But Tiger also includes a new version of the Safari browser with a crazily insecure default setting which could leave your system wide open to malware via these same widgets. See here for the grisly details. You can turn off the default, of course, but I guess many of the non-technical users Apple is now targeting with the Mac Mini won’t realise the need to do that. As I said, this is the kind of stuff Microsoft does (as when it shipped XP with the firewall turned off by default — now rectified, I’m glad to say).