Andrew Sullivan’s PoD cast

Print-on-Demand has just acquired a high-profile advocate. For years, readers of his blog have been emailing in photographs of the views from their windows.

So, after nearly 3 years, and well over a thousand published, we’ve decided to compile all your best windows into a book. A photo book? In this economy? And didn’t you call the publishing industry “one of the shallowest, dumbest and most archaic in the U.S” – two years ago? You bet, now more than ever. That’s why we’ve decided to bypass the publishing houses altogether and experiment with print-on-demand. We’re going to try to publish the book independently, through no established publishing house, as an experiment in blog-based, print-on-demand publishing.

Before you all rush to get in on the act, it’s worth noting that he demands that you surrender the rights. He gets to own your work. Smart, eh?