Andrew Gowers interview

Becky Hogge has published an interesting interview on with Andrew Gowers, who chaired the Treasury review of intellectual property. Sample:

“[The report is] not radical in the sense that it does not throw into question the fundaments of the IP system”, explains Gowers. “But it is kind of radical in the sense that it doesn’t take anything for granted. My view is that for far too long intellectual property has been a priesthood on the one hand and a lobbyists’ playground on the other. A priesthood in the sense that it is enacted by these quite funny men of a certain age in legal chambers, dusty files all around them and so forth. And a lobbyists’ playground in the sense that the people who are IP holders, the people who say more IP protection is good are well-organised and well-focussed, articulate and well-financed. And the people who actually pay for it, in terms of consumers, are diffuse. So up until now it’s been a one way argument.”