And that’s the way it is…

… as Walter Cronkite used to say when signing off the nightly news.

Iconic anchorman Walter Cronkite, a pioneer in television broadcasting once dubbed The Most Trusted Man in America, died Friday, his family said. He was 92.

As anchorman of ‘CBS Evening News’ from 1962 to 1981, Mr. Cronkite elevated the role of television news presenter from a script reader to that arbiter of truth called an anchorman.

Noted broadcaster Walter Cronkite died Friday at the age of 92. Known as “Uncle Walter” and sometimes as the conscience of America, Cronkite covered World War II, Nuremberg, the moon landing, Vietnam and scores of other major historical events during his long and storied career.

The term originally signified his role as tether to a far-flung news crew, but Mr. Cronkite imbued it with new gravitas. His Middle-American warmth — he once likened himself to “a comfortable old shoe” — led to an equally popular nickname, Uncle Walter. He became famous for his nightly sign-off, “And that’s the way it is.”


Needless to say, his Wikipedia entry has already been updated.