The Mosley tape

You may recall that I was unable to view the celebrated Mosely ‘Nazi orgy’ video. Alexander Chancellor, the Guardian columnist and former editor of the Spectator was more persistent

Having primly waited for permission from a high court judge, I have finally got on the internet and looked at a video of Max Mosley’s sado-masochistic sex games with a group of London prostitutes. I tried the News of the World’s website, but this was a bit of a disappointment because, while I could hear the formula one boss pleading for more punishment in a stage German accent, no pictures appeared on the screen at all.

I had more success on YouTube, which showed a woman with a rather posh English voice fiercely ordering the wretched man to “bend over, right over” before inflicting strokes of a cane on his naked bottom. The video was rather dark and hard to fathom, but it involved at least one woman dressed like a concentration camp inmate in black and white stripes as she waited for her turn to be beaten…